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Animal Shelter Report

FixCarver.COM urges anyone who wishes to "Lend A Helping Paw" to send their donations to

Friends of Carver Animals C/O Judy Fitzgerald

26-7 South Meadow Village,

Carver, MA 02330

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Pets welcome

New shelter facility plans underway

By Bobbi Sistrunk

Pets welcome - Carver, MA - Carver Reporter


In January of 2006 the Board of Selectmen directed Rick Lafond to start litigation with BATG (Read Minutes of Selectmen's Meeting). Selectmen Frank Casey repeatedly blamed the Department of Environmental Protection for releasing the FAM (Financial Assurance Mechanism) that  guaranteed the contractor completed the project. DEP officials revealed to Dawn Padovani that the FAM never assured the completion of the dog shelter.  Mr. Caseys efforts to blame the DEP and confuse the Citizens of Carver are shameful. Citizens inquired many times since then as to the  status of the lawsuit. We were assured  that litigation between the town and BATG had commenced. A citizens investigation of Bristol and Plymouth County court records reveals that no lawsuit has been filed by the Town of Carver to this date.  Town Administrator LaFond indicated that Town Counsel wrote the contractor a 93A letter (Consumer Protection Action) which could yield Double or treble damages. That action, a legal Hail Mary, has yielded no results thus far.  Legal dodgeball and  stalling tactics will not win lawsuits that don’t exist.
Selectmen refuse to provide leadership and promise to schedule a litigation update with Town Counsel in executive session well out of view of a public that grows increasingly frustrated with inaction and misinformation from Town Officials.  

November 19th , 2007

Town Finally Files Lawsuit Against BATG

But For What?

Not the *$350,000.00 Animal Shelter as Town Manager Rick LaFond States.

Read the Lawsuit and decide for yourself

*"He estimates the cash value of the Town’s contract with BATG for the animal shelter at $350,000."

*Minutes June 26, 2007 Selectman Meeting.

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