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"Concerned Carver Citizens" was founded by ordinary tax paying citizens who are concerned about the path and ethics of officials who are leading the town. This web site is a watchdog of all the elected and appointed Carver officials. Our mission is to observe that  town government follow all the State Laws exclusive of any financial interest and report violators to the proper authority .  We want to put violators on report that there is an "Eye in the Sky" scrutinizing their every move.  Please check back frequently for updates and feel free to send us your feedback.


Concerned Carver Citizens

Town Meeting

Town Meeting Tuesday December 9, 2008

7 PM Carver High School is the driving force behind Article 8. We believe it is essential to reduce spending and restore funding to the stabilization fund if we are to survive the current fiscal crisis in the Commonwealth.  In 2002 Town Meeting redirected Agricultural land rollback taxes into the Conservation Fund. For those who donít understand this process farmers may enroll their property in a program that lowers the property taxes imposed on agricultural land under Mass Law Chapter 61. If they sell that land to developers they must pay a 5 year rollback tax penalty equal to the taxes they would have paid if the land were not in agriculture. This tax penalty goes back to the towns general fund. In 2002 Carver petitioned the legislature to redirect the rollback taxes into the conservation fund. The rationale behind this decision was to provide funding for an account that had no source of money. Since 2002 rollback taxes have raised almost a quarter of a million dollars for the Carver the conservation fund. Since 2002 Carver adopted the Community Preservation Act providing a steady stream of money to purchase open space. The CPA committee purchased the Cole Property with CPA Funds.  Rather than double funding conservation projects we believe itís time to redirect the rollback taxes to other more immediate needs. We propose to place the funds into the stabilization account which allows taxpayers to use the funds to maintain essential town services and keep taxes from rising. Itís incomprehensible that a majority of the Board of Selectmen voted against this proposal. Itís time for the nay sayers like Frank Casey, Jack Angley and Dick Ward to tell the people of Carver how they intend to run the Town when the money runs out. Donít bet your farms on a prop 2 Ĺ tax override. Perhaps Conservation Agent Hewins will be willing to give back the big raise she got last year. Vote yes on Article 8.


Article 8.         To see if the Town shall vote to petition the Legislature to allow the Town to divert from the Conservation Fund to the Stabilization Fund sums of money collected from rollback taxes from land formerly protected by chapter 61, chapter 61A and Chapter 61B for the purposes of increasing the stabilization account, or take any other action relative thereto.

(By Petition)

Town Warrant


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