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"Concerned Carver Citizens" was founded by ordinary tax paying citizens who are concerned about the path and ethics of officials who are leading the town. This web site is a watchdog of all the elected and appointed Carver officials. Our mission is to observe that  town government follow all the State Laws exclusive of any financial interest and report violators to the proper authority .  We want to put violators on report that there is an "Eye in the Sky" scrutinizing their every move.  Please check back frequently for updates and feel free to send us your feedback.


Concerned Carver Citizens

Inspector General's Report

The Office of the Inspector General in a report dated June 30, 2008 accuses Town Administrator Richard LaFond and The Board of Selectmen of a serious breach of the public trust. The report further indicates that the conduct of Town officials in this matter was contrary to the best interests of the citizens of the Town and contrary to the expresses will of the Legislature. Also singled out individually is the misconduct of former Selectmen Robert Merritt who served as a member of the Habitat for Humanity Board of Directors while he lobbied other selectmen for a donation of real estate in violation of state ethics laws.
According to the Inspector General the property located at 13 Birch Terrace was transferred in violation of Chapter 30B of the states procurement laws. The investigation was launched after a citizens complaint in December of 2007.
The Town initiated foreclosure proceedings on the property for failure to pay $11,279.60 in back taxes. The town was declared the lawful owner in land court on May 12, 2000. On March 19, 2002 Selectmen transferred the property to habitat for Humanity for $1.00. Three months later habitat for Humanity sold the property for $36,000 and used the proceeds to payoff outstanding debt. On June 18, 2006 the property was resold for $288,000.
The investigation revealed that the Town failed to advertise the parcel for sale, never authorized the sale at Town Meeting and never received an affordable housing deed restriction. Additionally the town may not have provided proper notice to the prior owner before the sale, did not hold an auction as is required by law and failed to publish a notice in the central register stating the difference between the value of the property and the price received. These violations “spread the shadow of impropriety to the sale price, not just the manner of how the property was sold.”
The report takes aim at Selectmen Merritt for ethical lapses and Town Administrator LaFond and the rest of the board for The decision... “to ignore and circumvent existing laws” LaFond, the Towns top procurement officer, stated that he was “probable not aware that the property donation should have been presented to Town Meeting for approval” and that “he was not as familiar with the rules and regulations of Chapter 30B as he should have been.”

Read Entire Decision Below


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