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Public Records request March 19, 2007

 “I request a copy of Jack Hunters resignation letter and any correspondence with any individual concerning his resignation…please include any correspondence regarding this matter with Mr. Hunter including notes, emails etc.”

Town Administrator Lafond Response March 20, 2007

this office has no written correspondence or paperwork responsive to your public records request” LaFond response PR request 3-19-07

This reply leaves no doubt that Rick LaFond lied to avoid disclosing the information.

On February 14, 2007 Jack Hunter wrote a letter of resignation addressed to Rick Lafond.  Hunter admits to being the author of the letter. The letter surfaced in the late Spring of 2007 from an anonymous source. Hunter Resignation Letter.

When confronted by the Supervisor of Public Records office about the letter LaFond denied receiving. Lafond stated that Mr. Hunter did not recall giving a copy of his resignation letter his boss (Rick LaFond). We don’t believe either of them. Read Enterprise Article Scolding Lafond.

LaFond also neglected to release a copy of an email he sent to Frank Casey, Jack Angley, Jim Grimes and Michael O’Donnell at 12:02 PM the same day. Click on the link's below to see the four separate responses. You can determine which are lies. LaFond admits to deleting these emails without disclosing their existence.

Casey Response     Angley Response     Grimes Response     O'Donnell Response

Deleting email correspondence “raises serious records management concerns” according to the Secretary of States Office. The more serious concern in Carver has to do with the truthfulness of his response to these inquiries. If he lied about this what else has he lied about?

Click on the link to see Rick's Response to Public Record's Request  LaFond Response

LaFond is not the only one lying about these records. Frank Casey and Jack Angley received the following request on June 28, 2007.

I am requesting that I be provided a copy of the resignation letter of Jack F. Hunter and any other documents or correspondence either electronic or hard copy pertaining to his resignation. Please include communication from yourself and communications to or from Mr. Hunter or Town Administrator LaFond concerning this issue:

Selectmen Jack Angleys reply July 5, 2007

“I have never had in my possession, or seen a letter or copy of a letter of resignation, of Jack hunter or any other documents or correspondence, electronic or otherwise, pertaining to his resignation. In fact I have never had any communication with him or Mr. LaFond or anybody concerning this issue.”

Sorry Jack. We have proof that you were included in the February 14, 2007  12:02 PM email from LaFond and the February 16, 2007 8:32 AM response from LaFond. Since you never had communication with him or LaFond or anybody concerning this issue you must have learned about the resignation from the newspaper.

Selectmen Frank Caseys reply on July 6, 2007

I never saw a resignation letter…I was appraised of it verbally”

Sorry Frank. We also have proof that you were included in the February 14, 2007  12:02 PM email from LaFond and the February 16, 2007 8:32 AM response from LaFond.  If Grimes and O’Donnell got the resignation letter in their Town Files why were you and Angley not also copied.

Selectmen Grimes & O’Donnell July 9 & July 10, 2007

Selectmen Grimes and O’Donnell got the same public records request and responded accurately and truthfully stating they got the resignation from the “Selectmen’s Folder in the Town Administrators office.” They also disclosed email correspondence in their possession. They provided copies of all the requested correspondences. Why is it that Selectmen Angley, Selectmen Casey and Administrator LaFond alone have faulty memories?

Last Updated 03/19/2015 03:44 PM