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The Little Dig

Carver has its own version of the big dig itís called the North Carver Water project. On Tuesday 5/27 at the selectmen's meeting IDC Chairman Will, the big Dipper, Sinclair announced that the town will be seeking another $800,000 dollars in additional funding for the North Carver Water Project. Sinclair stated that the project may be short by as much as $800,000 or perhaps $250,000 or maybe itís $100,000? They just donít seem to know how much they really need but letís ask for the Maximum. One thing is certain this project has found more red ink than water in its short existence. So far all we have for our spending is a basket of cranberries and pile of promises.

The Cole working group is a collection of non-elected and non-appointed citizens who are accountable to no one. They already stretched the length of the bonds from 20 to 40 years to cover their inability to make up for Jack, the little dipper, Hunters, inability to secure private sector financing. Now they seek an expansion of almost a million dollars in the spending ceiling.

Rick LaFond is nowhere near the most important project in the towns history except to cheerlead for more money. The closest he comes to this project is on his drive home to Bridgewater. Heís put the maximum distance between himself and any accountability for this project. He knows the dangers posed by this financial sinkhole.

When they ask the voters at the Special Town Meeting in June to dig a little deeper into your pocketbook just say NO!













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