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Master Plan Town Meeting Calendar Links

Sexual Harassment and Retaliation Charges Filed By Animal Control Officer Seery

MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 1

4.         “On December 11, 2006 there was a special town meeting. I was there to request money be taken out of another account to cover our salaries that had gone over budget. My article was combined with an article from Town Planner, Jack Hunter who was requesting a $10,000 raise. It ended up Jack was given the $10,000 and we were given nothing. Jack happened to be best friends with my boss, Rick LaFond.”

MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 1 

5.         “Rick LaFond, my direct supervisor was the one who combined the articles so that the raise would be given to Jack. I asked him numerous times for an increase in hours and in other supplies needed to complete my job, they were always denied, he said there was no money.”

 MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 1

6.         “Rick sarcastically thanked me for doing such a great job getting Jack the raise. He said I should have just    whipped my boobs out and started breastfeeding in front of the town” while staring at my chest.”

 MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 1

7.         “I tried complaining to Frank Casey, one of the Selectmen, of the unfair treatment in February 2007 and again in March 2007. Nothing was done about my complaints. I believe he was telling Rick about my complaints.”

 MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 1

8.         “Finally I got in touch Selectmen Grimes and O’Donnell who processed my complaint and conducted an investigation. At the end Rick was not punished and I was still to report to him, even though he had sexually harassed me. During the investigation I was given extra hours.”

MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 2

10.       “I went to another Selectmen Jack Angley who is Rick LaFond’s boss, on May 23 rd 2007 to complain about the impartial investigation. He told me “you’re still a real looker; you still always turn my head” I again was being sexually harassed by a superior."

MCAD Docket Number: 07BEM01337 Pg. 2

11.       “I believe I have been sexually harassed and denied raises because of my sex. I have been retaliated against by taking my extra hours away after I complained about my supervisor”

 Read Sheila’s Complaint and Judge for Yourself

 For the record no town official stepped forward and offered to pay Sheila Seery’s legal bills but if she is successful we will surely pay.

LaFond  Investigation Record Sealed

Selectmen refuse to release the results of the executive session investigation by Town Counsel into the conduct of Rick LaFond citing a personnel records exemption in the Public Records law. That did not stop Rick LaFond from submitting the bill of his personal attorney who represented him in the investigation. Lafond revealed at the special Town Meeting that Carver Taxpayers Paid $4,000 for legal services on behalf of Town Administrator LaFond to defend him against accusations. The payment was made under an indemnification clause that require the town to “defend, save harmless and indemnify the Town Administrator…provided that the Town Administrator acted within the scope of his duties” apparently selectmen believe that sexual discrimination and retaliation are within the scope of Rick Lafonds official duties. FixCarver.Com does not share that view.  

Selectmen Praise Seery

(Transcript of the Animal Control Budget Hearing at Carver Town Hall Selectmen’s meeting Room Sat Feb 10, 2007-Transcribed by from CCATV DVD)

Francis Casey Selectmen- Just another note for some of the people who aren’t aware of it. Since you were hired, in addition to the fines collected and the licensing fees, ah you’ve made our Board of Assessors knowledgeable about certain pieces of property that weren’t on the tax rolls. One of the horse incidents, we talked about it at length, and you’ve called me on numerous occasions especially the off hours. You know wondering what to do. The one up on Plymouth Street that was about 1:30 in the morning and by the time you found housing and so forth, so you were out a good part of the evening or early morning. I think what I’m saying is if the Board is so inclined to recommend to go to 24 and I have a problem saying this based on the entire budget but you’re one of at least two employees that I know of that works far more hours than you’re being compensated for and that’s not fair.

John Angley Selectmen- Yes. It is. There is no question about that. She…

Francis Casey Selectmen- You Know and if you’re bringing in all this additional revenue. You know we hear the term frequently revenue neutral. Well if we’re talking revenue neutral it should apply to you. So when the Board considers the recommendations I’d like to leave it at least open ended as far as the hours and so forth are concerned.

John Angley Selectmen- I’d say the town is very lucky to have Sheila. To have someone who cares.


Public Records Request for MCAD Documents

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