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Carver Not Transparent

Common Cause Presents 2008 E-Government Award to the Town of Carver


Hi John--

Carver was one of 90 towns to get an award from us for their website. It has nothing to do with their compliance or non-compliance with the open meetings law. Anyone who suggests the award was for general "open government" is mistaken! We found that virtually no towns in Mass posted important public records on their website (selectboard minutes and agendas, budget, bylaws, town meeting warrants and results) and conceived of the award as a "carrot" to get more communities to do so. It has worked very well. It's unfortunate that the award has been spun by some to be more inclusive. Hope this helps. Best, Pam

On Mon, Jun 2, 2008 at 10:55 PM, JOHN DUFFY  wrote:

Dear PAM,
This could is unbelievable that you would select Carver out of all the 351 cities and towns in Ma to present them with an award! The town of Carver has a record of being censured by the Plymouth County district Attorney for violations of the state "Open Meeting Law" They have had to revote on several items that the DA has found to be " Under the table" deals! Shame on you for awarding them anything to do with open Government!
John Duffy Sr.






















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