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"Concerned Carver Citizens" was founded by ordinary tax paying citizens who are concerned about the path and ethics of officials who are leading the town. This web site is a watchdog of all the elected and appointed Carver officials. Our mission is to observe that  town government follow all the State Laws exclusive of any financial interest and report violators to the proper authority .  We want to put violators on report that there is an "Eye in the Sky" scrutinizing their every move.  Please check back frequently for updates and feel free to send us your feedback.


Concerned Carver Citizens

Building Concerns

On 4/14/08 the school committee indicated that “The School Building project warrant article amount has been revised from $80,000 to $250,000” The explanation put forward was that “a more detailed feasibility study has been required from the Mass School Building Authority.”

Superintendent Sorrell presented the proposed project at the Selectmen meeting on March 25. At that time the project was being sold as an $80,000 cost to the Town. The public should be skeptical of any project whose cost triples in the weeks following the first presentations. Cost escalation of this magnitude calls into question the reliability of the data being presented by the school administration.

On August 7, 2007 The School Department sent a statement of interest to the Mass School Building Authority. On April 7th Buzz Artiano presented a power point at the school committee meeting. Why was there no mention of this project during the Proposition 2 ½ ballot question debates in the fall of 2007. Citizens asked for information about school building needs only to be met with silence. It appears that there was a conspiracy of silence or at the very best a wink and a nod by the schools to suppress public disclosure of the school building project until after the Police and Fire Station ballot question was decided.

Now we have both projects before town meeting. Proponents of the Police & Fire Station refuse to honor the will of the voters and have resurrected their ballot question. Our message is simple HONOR THE VOTE. The school building project receives an incomplete grade. Show us the proposed tax increase associated with this project before we vote. Then show us the tax increase from the 11 million dollar police and fire station. Then explain how we are going to fund a six figure Police Union contract.

Finally show us some fiscal restraint. Unless you haven't noticed we're in a recession with gas prices skyrocketing. Afford comes before deserve in any dictionary.

Honor the Vote

In September of last year voters spoke in clear unmistakable terms that they could not afford a new Police & Fire Station at a cost exceeding $11 million dollars. Placing a warrant article before town meeting asking for drawings for a proposal that has been rejected by two thirds of Carver Voters is a slap in the face. All voters whether they supported the original ballot question or not should vote no on Article 14. How often must we vote until they WIN? HONOR THE VOTE DEFEAT ARTICLE 14

Article 14. To see if the Town will vote to raise and appropriate, transfer from available funds or borrow the sum of Thirteen Thousand Dollars ($13,000.00) for the purpose of contracting conceptual design drawings and preliminary topographical and engineering surveys necessary for future grant submissions pertaining to the eventual construction of a new Fire Station and Police Station, or take any action relative thereto. (By the Police and Fire Station Planning Committee)


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