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FixCarver.Com Street Signs Removed & Destroyed

 Officials from the Clown Hall acted swiftly to remove a political thorn in their side. According to Administrator Rick LaFond building inspector Mike Mendoza  removed FixCarver.Com signs from the town. Mendoza told Paul Johnson that he received no complaints but acted swiftly to enforce section 3520 of the Towns By-Laws because of the number of signs. He stated that he has never before imposed a fine for non-conforming signs. Mendoza admits that he has removed signs for but has never imposed a fine on Carver Singles because he does not know who they are. Hey Mike you might try (just a thought always trying to be helpful) Let us know how much fine money you collect from them.    

Mendoza’s politically motivated enforcement action violated section 3566 of the Town bylaw which requires the Sign Officer to provide “(30) days of written notice to remove”. The Bylaw further states “A sign or structure removed by the Town shall be held for not less than thirty (30) days by the Town during which period it may be recovered by the owner “ FixCarver will seek to recover costs of the illegally removed and destroyed signs.

 Mendoza did not remove directional signs for the Gail Nauen art studio which were located on the same utility pole as the FIXCARVER.COM signs at the intersection of Purchase and Main. When asked why Mendoza contended that the Planning Board had issued permits  for the signs. Nice try Mike we have requested a copy of the permit from the planning board. We don’t believe the board issued a permit for signs on utility poles and trees in violation of bylaw section 3535(a). When you go to enforce the law on Ms. Nauen be sure to afford her the courtesy of a 30 day non-conforming sign notice like you failed to do for us.  Also be real careful when you remove the sign from the utility pole as it is covered with hundreds of nails from other signs whose owners never got fined either. We call this the porcupine pole. See Photo.

As always we post the relevant portions of the laws for our readers (and hopefully Mike Mendoza) to read and decide for themselves.

3566. Removal of Signs. Any sign which has been ordered removed by the Sign Officer, or which is abandoned or discontinued, shall be removed by the person, firm, or corporation Responsible for the sign within thirty (30) days of written notice to remove. Any sign not removed within the time limit shall be deemed a public nuisance, and shall be removed by the Town of Carver. The cost of said removal shall be borne by the sign and/or property owner and may be recovered by the Town, if necessary, in an action in the appropriate court. A sign or structure removed by the Town shall be held for not less than thirty (30) days by the Town during which period it may be recovered by the owner upon payment to the Town of the cost of removal and storage, and upon payment of any fine which may have been imposed. If not recovered within said thirty (30) day period, the sign or structure shall be deemed abandoned and title thereto shall be vested in the Town for disposal in any manner permitted by law.

Carver Reporter

Say sayonara to the signs

By Bobbi Sistrunk

Fri Feb 22, 2008, 10:50 AM EST




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