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"Concerned Carver Citizens" was founded by ordinary tax paying citizens who are concerned about the path and ethics of officials who are leading the town. This web site is a watchdog of all the elected and appointed Carver officials. Our mission is to observe that  town government follow all the State Laws exclusive of any financial interest and report violators to the proper authority .  We want to put violators on report that there is an "Eye in the Sky" scrutinizing their every move.  Please check back frequently for updates and feel free to send us your feedback.


Concerned Carver Citizens

The Moderator

As always has investigated scurrilous allegations that Rick LaFond is responsible for the recent rains. 

According to Angley Rick LaFond is not responsible for the rain, in fact,  we asked him and he denies sending the prayer asking for the rain. LaFond states that there are no public records responsive to this prayer.  God received the prayer and has a copy of it. A computer expert working for town hall believes it got lost in Gods spam prayer filter because Angley never got it. Casey has seen a copy of the prayer but cannot recall receiving it. Mike O'Donnell and Jim Grimes have a print out of the same prayer which they received in their normal town hall prayer correspondence it has Angley, Casey, Gods and LaFonds names on it. We know they are friendly with FixCarver and cannot be trusted. Jack Hunter will be attending a prayer training session to learn how to apply to God for rain should a need ever arise. Rick has agreed to pay Hunter large sums of money in small unmarked bills for his services because this is not in his job description. This training will not cost the taxpayer anything since it is 100% paid for out of a State Weather Development Grant. The Chief of police has reportedly taken Angleys dog in for questioning as he has a felony record for eating email correspondence from town hall computers. Stay tuned for further developments.

Water Commission Election Ignored

AKA North Carver Water Follies!

Once again selectmen are ignoring requirements of state law. Legislation passed in June required that the temporary water commission appointments be replaced by elections. There have been two elections since the passage of this legislation on June 4, the September primary election and the November general election. Chapter 124 of the Acts of 2008 The legislation states” the powers of the commission shall be exercised by a board of 3 members to be elected by the voters of the town…at the first annual election, which shall occur within 64 days after the effective date of this act ..Until the initial members of the commission are elected in accordance with this section, the board of selectmen shall appoint 3 registered voters of the town as members. “ The entire legislation can be viewed on the internet at

The legislature clearly intended for the temporary appointment of commissioners until an election could be held. The initial appointment of Steven Dewhurst after the close of business on the day of the application deadline demonstrated that Casey, Angley and Ward cannot be trusted to run the commission without political interference.

Ignoring the rule of law is not a new experience in Carver. In 2007 the town violated state laws by overspending the legal account by more than $100,000. This year the town was cited as having violated state procurement laws in the sale of a town owned property without collecting back taxes or advertising the sale as required by law. Defending their violation of law by attacking the Inspector Generals office was a new low even for this group. We are neither surprised nor amused that they have chosen to run the commission with their political hacks rather than an elected board. The Board of three clearly intends to continue their lawless ways because there is no effective enforcement when they break the law. Where is District Attorney Cruz, Attorney General Moakley, or Secretary of State Galvin? The only time we hear from them is at election time. We can and should insure the next time these do nothing officials hear from us is at election time.

Last Updated 03/19/2015 03:44 PM