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Water Commissioner Appointment Made After Deadline 

The controversial appointment of Steven Dewhurst to the position of Water Commissioner was made after the January 31st deadline and to a non public email address of Town Administrator Richard LaFond. At the February 12 Selectmen’s meeting citizen activist Bobbie Frugoli asked Administrator LaFond when each application was received. LaFond responded January 31. Public records uncovered by FixCarver.Com reveal that Dewhurst submitted his application on January 31 at 5:55 PM to a non-public email address. It is unclear when LaFond received the application because the copy obtained by FixCarver.Com was forwarded from Jack Hunter to LaFond on February 1 at 8:26 PM 28 hours and 26 minutes after the deadline. Dewhurst, who was sitting in the audience allowed Lafond’s incomplete and misleading statement to stand unchallenged.

Dewhurst made a cornerstone of his interview for the position transparency and openness stating “Public transparency is very important that’s a hot button issue and rightfully so and people should know what we’re talking about and have input into the process.”… “One of the things I’d like to do is insure that everything we do is transparent, and clear and open…,”  “I intend to work in a very public and transparent way”

FixCarver.Com thinks the motives of Mr. Dewhurst and Mr. LaFond are indeed transparent.

As always we provide a copy of the application for all to view.

Spurned applicant to North Carver Board of Water Commissioners questions appointment

An applicant left off the North Carver Board of Water Commissioners says one person’s application was filed after the deadline.

Enterprise Correspondent
Posted Mar 31, 2008 @ 03:04 AM

CARVER — The only one of four applicants left off the North Carver Board of Water Commissioners has filed a complaint with selectmen, alleging one of the commissioners’ appointments was “invalid.”

Laurie Lane resident Paul Johnson, Michael Bumpus, Steven Dewhurst and Steven Romano were the four candidates who applied for three openings on the North Carver Board of Water Commissioners last month.

Johnson questioned the validity of Dewhurst’s electronic application, which was sent to Town Administrator Richard LaFond at 5:55 p.m. Jan. 31.

The application deadline stated it was to be “before the close of business Jan. 31“, but no exact time was given.

“The e-mail is proof the application was received after the close of business on the day of the deadline,” Johnson said.

“If I had applied at that time, my application would not have been accepted. I don’t want a process like this where cronies are allowed to come in the back door. It’s an illegal process that’s been going on in Carver too long,” he said.

Johnson assumed the e-mail address Dewhurst sent his application to was LaFond’s personal e-mail address. However, The Enterprise learned it was an old town e-mail address when the town operated under the Adelphia network years ago.

Dewhurst copied his e-mail application to Director of Planning and Community Development Jack Hunter, who has been spearheading the development of the North Carver Water District.

“It’s a good thing Mr. Dewhurt copied Jack Hunter or we never would’ve gotten his application and he would have missed the deadline,” LaFond said.

“Mr. Dewhurst knows Jack’s involved in the project and we would have never turned anyone else’s application away just because it was 5:55 on the day of the deadline. There was no time set by selectmen and Mr. Dewhurst is prepared at any minute to discuss why he applied and why he can’t wait to get in. I wish we could play into Mr. Johnson’s conspiratorial theory here, but I guess all we have left is a bad e-mail address,” he said.

Dewhurst said on Jan. 31 he was busy with work and delayed applying until the last minute.

“I don’t have as much free time as Mr. Johnson, so I waited until the end of my work day,” Dewhurst said.

“I sent the application to Mr. LaFond’s professional e-mail address not realizing it was an old one and I copied my wife, Sarah Hewins and Jack Hunter.”


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